But then

24 June 2017 at 15:02

Sometimes we doubt if this is still our place to be, at LWV.

Sometimes we complain; no internet connection…again, power failure, food that we are not used to eat, always pumpkin.

Sometimes we get homesick to our children, grandchildren and family and we wish that we could see them more often.

Sometimes we complain that everything is so expensive.

Sometimes we feel lonely.

Sometimes we expect too much of people and let them disappoint us.


But then we will be encouraged by people, who send us encouraging messages.

But then we get a hug from a child in need.

But then God lets us see the living conditions of people who have no water and electricity, who only eat rice and often have nothing else.

But then we feel so grateful for everything we have.

But then suddenly, money comes from an unexpected angle.

But then suddenly our home is filled with children who missed us when we were in Bali.

But suddenly a car is donated.

But then God says, ‘Trust in me, people can disappoint you, but I will never let you down.’


And then we know: God still wants us to be here.


Another warm greeting from Borneo

Love, Roel and Bets